Nike SasQuatch 2 Fairway Wood

Nike SasQuatch 2 Fairway Wood The very classy looking Nike SasQuatch 2 Fairway Wood features a tungsten Monorail sole Design that sends the ball rocketing across the fairway with ease. All the repositioned weight to the perimeter of the Nike Power Bow moves the Center of Gravity farther back, resulting in a higher MOI and launching the ball straight and high into the air.

Coupled with the new Cyro steel face which is thinner and stronger, the face provides a larger and hotter sweet spot. It offers a very forgiving, very powerful ball flight and more consistent, penetrating shots even for off-center hits.

With a 2 tone steel graphite that is equally attractive but not a distraction, the Nike SasQuatch 2 Fairway Wood sits comfortably behind the ball to instantly up you confidence. It is a worthy investment, considering the style, sturdiness, weight and performance this club provides, making it a popular choice among Fairway Woods.

Product details are here: Nike SasQuatch 2 Fairway Wood

Player's feedback and comments

I've been struggling with finding the right fairway wood for several months. I had the 2008 titleist 3 wood but it was too hard to hit. I could never get the ball off the ground. I ended up taking it out of the bag and was playing with 2 hybrids and no 3 wood. I couldn't take it anymore! I took the 2 hybrids and the old 3 wood and traded them and got this in a 4 wood. Its great. Gets up in the air real easy. I hit it 235 - 245. That's long enough for where I am in my game. Its a great club. Buy if you can, they are hard to find.
K. Mooch, Cary, NC

Wow. Love this club! Paired it in this purchase with a SasQuatch 10.5 Driver and could immediately tell a difference off the tee and on those inbetween fairway shots. Can't wait to get out again!
Brick, Birmingham, AL

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