Nike SQ Sumo2 Fairway Wood

Nike SQ Sumo2 Fairway Wood The Nike SQ Sumo2 Fairway Wood features a geometrically square club head with the Nike PowerBow design that belies gravity, giving a high MOI for greater forgiveness. In fact, Nike claims that it has the highest MOI of any fairway wood. The low CG of this superior design redistributes weight to the farthest corners of the club, hence the club head will twist less upon impact with the ball even during off-centre hits. Combined with a lightweight Cryo Steel face that provides a very large responsive sweet spot, the Nike SQ Sumo2 fairway wood is the wood to get the ball up & out of any lie in no time.

This very versatile club with monorail sole makes it easier to hit off the tee, from the fairway or off the rough besides providing for maximum distance and increased forgiveness across the club face. With the lightweight 65gram regular flex Diamana Yellow Board shaft by Mitsubishi, this minimalist club delivers optimum distance and accuracy. This is one time you can happily say 'It's hip to be square!'

Product details are here: Nike SQ Sumo2 Fairway Wood

Player's feedback and comments

Bombs away! This is the perfect 3 wood. I went with the 15 degree, stiff. I can exceptional control and spin off the tee. Not too difficult to hit it off the fairway into the green either.
Distance tops out for me around 250-255 with a good 5-10 extra yards off spin. I play a natural fade with this club, but can easily alter to draw the ball when needed. Great investment.
N. B. Joshi, Rockville, MD

This is a great fairway wood. I had this before the titleist 906F2. This is a forgiving club and easy to launch it up in the air. Looks good at address but the only reason I wouldn't give it 5 stars was because it didn't have all that great of feel. I just needed a little more feedback. But other than that it is a very solid club.
Golfer72, Northern Illinois

Made a switch from Nike NDS to the SQ. This club is actually easier to hit than the NDS. I can hit the ball high or low and hot. Gained an additional 25-30 yards with this club. Definitely can help to make a course play shorter.
George Summer, Altadena, CA

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