Odyssey Black Series I #6 Putter

Odyssey Black Series I #6 Putter I have a slight problem when Odyssey sends in their Black series putters for us to test - I always find it hard to return them once I have finished the review. And it looks like the boss will once again have to chase me around the building to get their newest Odyssey Black Series I #6 Putter off my hands.

The Black Series I #6 putter features the same multi-material construction (a precision milled 1025 carbon steel body and a weighted tungsten flange) as the original line, with the added feature of the new multi-layer Tour insert that provides superior feel, exceptional responsiveness, and which allows more weight to be shifted to the perimeter of the head for higher Moment Of Inertia (MOI) for extra stability. Made of a soft elastomer plate with a firmer outer plate sandwiched together, the insert gives the putter a better feel and a smooth stroke and amazing accuracy with each putt.

The Black Series I #6 has the bullet-proof build expected of the Odyssey brand. The beautiful nickel-plated finish used here certainly adds to the premium feel of the putter. Odyssey also optimised the head weight to maximise consistency and distance control.

Odyssey Black Series I #6 Putter The weighting is perfect, with the tungsten flange helping to produce one of the best rolling Odysseys to date. There is no spring-like effect off the firmer face that could change the ball's intended direction. But the sound of the ball off the face is a tad muted, although that can be said of most insert putters, especially when used with soft balls, but I expected a better impact sound from a premium putter such as this.

The putter employs Odyssey's Fine-Tuned Loft System which provides a higher launch angle to help lift the ball from its depression on the green at an optimum trajectory so the ball will roll smoothly from the precise point of impact while the precisely matched head weights and shaft lengths ensure impeccable consistency and control.

The various technologies engineered into the Black Series I #6 makes this one of the best Odyssey insert putters available. If you are into the insert feel and looking for a putter, the Odyssey Black Series I #6 Putter should figure highly on your shopping list.

Product details are here: Odyssey Black Series I #6 Putter

Player's feedback and comments

Before looking at this putter, I was looking at the new Scotty's. I didn't know anything about this putter until a sales rep asked me to try it out. Wow! It was night and day. I couldn't miss at the practice green. Even I tried to miss, it either went in or came close with good speed. After the purchase, I feel like I have saved some strokes with some solid putting. This putter will definately shave some strokes off of your game.
Tom J., NM

The feel, weight, and balance, especially the feel, are what I've been looking for in a putter. The face insert gives me a soft quiet strike; I like that. As with any new club a short transition has been necessary because of this new feel, but I highly recommend the Black Series i #6.
J. B., New Port Richey, Fl.

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