Tour Edge Exotics XCG Irons

Tour Edge Exotics XCG Irons I am a big fan of the golf equipment from Tour Exotics, though to be honest, until about a couple of years ago I had not even heard of the company, let alone knew they made golf clubs. However, one of the perks of being a golf equipment reviewer is you get sent all sorts of equipment from all sorts of manufacturers, and that was how I first came to know about Tour Edge. This week I had the chance to test their new irons range, the Tour Edge Exotics XCG Irons. From my previous pleasant experience with their clubs, this test was one I was looking forward to.

Out of the box, the Exotics XCG looked very smart, with a classic design that features a relatively thin top-line, minimal offset and a tour heel grind. The soles of the clubs house Tour Edge's Dual-Density Dampening system (3DS), where an elastomer insert dampens unwanted vibrations for the signature Exotics iron feel. The dampening level differs through the irons set, where a firmer elastomer is used in for the mid to long irons (2-6) for greater rebound, added distance and a responsive, solid feel. A softer elastomer insert is used for the scoring irons (7-SW) to produce a smooth, buttery feel and greater spin. This progressive dampening helps the player achieve the necessary responsiveness to make each shot flush.

Out on the course, I noticed the irons were swinging quite light, even with the 125g Rifle Project X 6.0 shaft they came with, and I felt I could generate extra head-speed. The feel off the face was very solid, with plenty of pace and distance. The short irons were accurate around the greens while the mid and long irons provided higher ball lifts.

Overall, the power and performance of the XCG irons are matched only by their unbelievable feel and responsiveness as attested by the fact that I could make the ball go where I want and how I wanted it.

The Tour Edge Exotics XCG Irons were designed to be powerful, responsive and offer forgiveness all at the same time, and from my experience, they have done it and done it well. Players looking to add distance to their game but dread sacrificing accuracy should give the XCGs a try. And with the lifetime warranty given by Tour Edge, these clubs are going to give those from the big name companies something to worry about. Thoroughly recommended.

Product details are here: Tour Edge Exotics XCG Irons

Player's feedback and comments

after trying the 3 iron at the golfsmith store, i purchased the 1, and 2 with graphite shaft with regular flex. i can hit the 1 iron 200 yards at the flag very consistently at the range from the mat. i use it instead of a 3 wood. i will take a 200 yard straight shot over playing from the trees with my driver.
the graphite regular is a very good shaft. i thought it might be a little too stiff but it seems perfect now. i would love to own the entire set eventually.
John Berger, NJ

These clubs provided a perfect blend of players' and Game-improvement characteristics. They feel and look a bit like a players' club, but play like a game-improvement club. I like the softer 431 cast steel, helping give a buttery feel. Off center or thin shots still fly while giving you some feedback as well. They've also managed to keep the bulkiness of the scoring irons down, while giving you a solid size head in the long irons that are easier to hit. Overall, good looking club.
Stephen Birmingham, Arlington Heights, IL US

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