Ping G10 Irons

Ping G10 Irons The newest version from the G-series of golf clubs from Ping, the Ping G10 Irons sure has a lot of high expectations to live up to, especially considering the Ping users that I know absolutely rave about the brand, which should say something.

Compared to the previous version the G10's cavity back has been made bigger and this has allowed weight to be moved lower and further back for more forgiveness.

You can tell the clubs are beautifully crafted, just I prefer my clubs to be shiny and not the dull gunmetal grey the G10s sport. Having said that, I am pretty confident the grey finish will stand up to long hours on the course much better than a pretty shiny alloy finish.

Looks aside, I brought the Ping G10 Irons to the course for a more practical testing. The club swings great at practise, telling me where the clubhead was at all time, something not all clubs do very well, if at all. At setup, the clubhead's rather large size somehow manages to hide the fact, looking very streamlined yet helps breed confidence that one can hit the ball on the face properly.

You can feel the ball through impact, and they are generally more balanced. The heads seem to just naturally glide through the ball and launch it. The increased toe weighting on these will help golfers that tend to slice make better contact. Just about every shot feels the same, whichever loft I use, which greatly helps one achieve consistency and subsequently, card lower scores.

I judge most of the feel of a club that I am hitting by the feedback I get from a shot and the G10s performs wonderfully here, transmitting more about the shot than a lot of the other game improvement clubs in the market.

Down below, although the soles are wide, they do not dig. And the wide sole makes them so stable through impact and sends them high but they don't balloon up.

In short, looks aside, I have no words but praise for these very capable irons. The Ping G10 Irons are very well built, has a solid feel, consistent distance and unbelievably easy to hit high and straight. Golfers from high to mid handicaps should really have a go on these clubs if they want their scores to come tumbling down.

Product details are here: Ping G10 Irons

Player's feedback and comments

Ping is the only company I have ever owned for my irons. I have been using the Ping Eye 2's for the last 15 years and I loved them. Finally I decided to upgrade to some new technology. I was debating between the G15, G10 and TaylorMade Burner 2009. In the end I went with the G10's because I like the feel the most.
My first day on the course playing with them I was truely amazed at how forgiving and accurate they are. I didnt miss a single Par 3, usually I am lucky if I can hit 2. They only reason I missed the greens on the longer holes was because I didnt have a chance to figure out the new distances for my clubs. It was mainly the wedges, all of my missed greens were dead on line but short or long. Towards the end I started to dial them in more.
I love these clubs.
The only aspect I dont like are the grips which I had replaces with the Winn DVI's because my hands sweat alot. And these seems the best. I love them too.
John Truck, Redlands, CA

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