Nike Victory Red (VR) Irons

Nike Victory Red (VR) Irons The irons that Tiger built, or at least the ones he worked directly with the Nike development team to build comes in three variations, which are the muscleback, the split cavity and finally the full cavity to suit the ability of the player, or as in Nike's own statement, 'giving you three ways to put the winningest iron brand on the PGA tour in your bag'. With those iron (pardon the pun)-clad credentials, it is my unenviable task to see if they really are any good for the golfing public.

The Nike VR Full Cavity Irons certainly look the business, sporting a rather classic, muted look (for Nike!) but modern and very classy nonetheless. They look like proper player's clubs, with their comparatively small headsize, moderate topline and sole. The only giveaway that they were designed for higher handicappers would be the deep cavity behind the face.

While the other two ranges in the Victory Red line are composed of forged irons, the Nike VR Iron is a cast iron set, so I was a bit apprehensive about the feel provided, preferring forged clubs myself. And as I came down from my backswing, fully expecting on impact the usual dull, safe feel of a cast iron hit, surprisingly I felt much more information than expected. And ball after ball, shots struck dead on the sweetspot felt as close to a forged feel without actually hitting a forged. On off-center shots however (which were more than I'd like to admit), there was a noticeable loss in distance but without the accompanying hand-stinging associated when wielding proper blades. More significantly, balls were still flying high and generally in the direction we were aiming.

To conclude, even with a list price approaching the high side for what are game improvement clubs, the Nike Victory Red Full Cavity Irons offer so much to the aspiring high- to mid-handicap players that to not consider them in their list of next purchase would be doing their game a great injustice.

Product details are here: Nike Victory Red (VR) Irons

Player's feedback and comments

I have had a chance to play several rounds now with these irons and i am loving them. I am a 17 handicap and these are going to be a great set to grow with and transition. i like the smaller head size, thinner top line and love the feel and forgiveness.

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