Cleveland CG7 Irons

Cleveland CG7 Irons When I unpacked the Cleveland CG7 Irons, my first impression was that they were some very good-looking golf clubs. They are definitely game-improvement clubs, with that healthy cavity-back, but still quite good-looking with nice clean lines and not-too showy graphics as seems to be the norm nowadays. Mine came with Cleveland standard steels shafts though there is a graphite shaft option for those inclined.

The CG7 is equipped with Clevelands's 360° Gelback technology, which is a one piece injection molded lightweight visco-elastic insert that covers the entire perimeter of the cavity and the base of the head to provide vibration dampening across the entire face for superior feel, even on off center hits. It also incorporates Dynamic Microcavity Technology to optimise each clubs' Center of Gravity (CG) which allows for the positioning of discretionary weight lower and deeper, resulting in increased distance, ball speed and accuracy. Heel/toe muscle weighting is also used to produce a 6% higher Moment of Inertia (MOI) than traditional irons for increased forgiveness on off center hits.

At address, the topline on the Cleveland CG7 Irons is large enough to instil confidence, but not too large that it looks and feels unwieldy. Each strike I hit, regardless of where I hit them on the face, felt flushed (courtesy of the Gelback Technology), with shots going where I wanted, in a high trajectory with good length. That muted, flushed feeling is probably a good thing for mid- to-high handicappers, since these player are the most likely to produce mis-hits. An issue however arises for me as to whether a too effective vibration-dampening system produces less feel for more advanced golfers who need the extra feedback.

Overall, a very good set of irons from Cleveland Golf. Easy to swing and hit and shots from the sweetspot go true and long while mis-hit shots would only be penalized by a slightly decreased distance. Due to the Cleveland CG7 Irons' characteristics, I feel they are more suited to the mid- to high- handicappers or possibly low handicappers who do not require more feel or feedback from their clubs.

Product details are here: Cleveland CG7 Irons

Player's feedback and comments

I tried all the major brands during a recent club fitting. The CG 7's were longer by ten yards on the launch monitor. Naturally I was anxious to take them to the course. These babies feel like forged clubs with all the forgivness that modern technology can deliver. Oh, and did I mention that the distance carried over to the course!
Sam, Kansas City

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