Callaway X-22 Tour Irons

Callaway X-22 Tour Irons The Callaway X-22 Tour Irons are the new, improved version of the highly successful X-20 Tour. Callaway Golf's engineers packed the X-22 Tours with a host of technological aids, among which are their Precision Notch Weighting and a new sleeker hosel to raise the moment of inertia (MOI) for better stability during impact. The clubface employs Variable Face Technology (VFT) which maximises ball speed, and perimeter weighting for more distance and forgiveness. It also allows the Center of Gravity (COG) to be moved lower and more in line with the center of the face for better trajectory, which also significantly enhances the level of feel.

Out of the bag, I immediately like the simpler, clean lines of the Callaway X-22 Tour Irons. They come in lofts from a 3 iron to a Pitching Wedge (PW) and mine came stock with Royal Precision's very highly acclaimed Project X Flighted shafts. They are a little thick along the topline, but nothing more than its competitors. There is only so much space on a clubface you can move the weight around so a thicker topline in exchange for more stability is quite acceptable. If anything, the topline will appeal more to the targeted market, which are the mid to low handicappers for the extra confidence it gives.

Callaway X-22 Tour Irons Despite the blade-like look, the X-22 still pack in a high level of forgiveness. They are very easy to hit, with mis-hits generally going in the direction I intended it to go, yet without the stinging feedback telling me I messed it up I would normally have gotten when hitting with a pure blade iron. They generally generate good distance when needed, but where they shine most is in their workability. I can work the ball left or right and for me, that separates them from their competitors and makes them dependable pin seekers from long distance, as well as great set-up and approach clubs. I think accuracy is often overlooked in irons play with manufacturers regularly making distance from their irons their main selling point, so when I discover irons like these that deliver laser-like accuracy, I feel obligated to point it out to the golfing masses out there.

Overall, I feel the Callaway X-22 Tours are a great buy for those who are either already a single handicap or approaching a single handicap and looking to make the transition from their game improvement irons. Or even in itself, these Callaway X-22 Tour Irons are fantastic at what they do and for that, I rate them 'Highly Recommended'.

Product details are here: Callaway X-22 Tour Irons

Player's feedback and comments

Just switched over from cobra fp's. the cobra's had an offset and were jacked up about two degrees so the first couple of rounds with these clubs got me worried but once i got used to them, these clubs are unbelievable. nice crisp feel and incredibly workable. you have to put a good swing on these though. thinner top line is also very appealing and these look great in the bag.
bcnyr09, New Jersey

I'm a 3 index whose been a Taylormade iron player/fan for ages. I switched from my R7 TP's with Project X 5.5's to the Callaway X-22 Tours with 5.5's and WOW! What a fantastic iron. Workable, consistent ball flight and solid feel. Honestly they weren't what I've come to expect and feel from Callaway irons I've tried in the past. The engineers at Callaway have found something with the X-22 Tours. Try them - you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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