Callaway Big Bertha 2008 Steel UniFlex Irons

Callaway Big Bertha 2008 Steel UniFlex Irons Marrying the precision trajectory of an iron with the look and setup of a hybrid club, Callaway has managed to produce highly playable hybrid-like irons, namely the new Callaway Big Bertha 2008 Steel UniFlex Irons.

Featuring the new i-bridsTM, these superb clubs are designed to replace hard-to-hit long irons and transitions smoothly into traditionally shaped irons. The Callaway Big Bertha 2008 Steel UniFlex Irons is able to blend the control and accuracy of irons with the forgiveness and versatility of hybrids to produce optimal distance and trajectories.

Integrated with Callaway's Golf Core Technologies like its Extreme Notch Weighting which repositions weight to the edges of the club head, an increased MOI and better stability is accomplished. Another innovation, the VFT® Technology, optimizes ball velocity and weight that is redistributed to the perimeters for better distance and forgiveness while S2H2® adds discretionary weight by shifting it from the hosel to the perimeter of the club head. A 360-Degree Undercut Channel capitalizes on the perimeter weighting by pushing the Center of Gravity farther back and lower to get the ball airborne faster and easier.

Callaway Big Bertha 2008 Steel UniFlex Irons Seamless performance is achieved utilizing the modified Tru-Bore design which dampens vibration and stabilizes the club head with a polycarbonate tip plug at the end of the shaft.

Its extremely broad sole also helps enhance turf relations while the added offset provides a wider effective sweet spot for consistent and maximum forgiveness.

Overall, the new Callaway Big Bertha 2008 Steel UniFlex Irons will offer a solid improvement to your game and surprise you with explosive ball shots. Even miss-hits will enjoy a straighter, longer ball flight at even higher speed with the Uniflex steel shaft.

Product details are here: Callaway Big Bertha 2008 Steel UniFlex Irons

Player's feedback and comments

I went and tested out 4 different sets and it came down to the Bertha's or the Nike Sumo's. Well after a few shots with the i-brids I was sold. 2 days later I took them out in a windy (25MPH) day out in chicago, and every swing felt great. I played about as well as I normally do (92-95/18) but felt more comfortable and shoting my normal score in the extreme conditions was a positive. I will be playing in an outing for work on May 8th, and hope to shoot high 80's.

Recently purchased these clubs, first new irons in 12 years. Being a lefty, it's hard to find decent irons at a reasonable price. This is my first set of callaways and I'm very pleased with them, especially the I-Brids. Did away with my 3 and 5 wood because of this. Long Irons do take a little getting used to but they hit straight and true. I've added close to 20 yards on my longer irons and about 15 yards on the 6 -PW.
The feel is a little lacking for better golfers, but i would definitely recommend these to mid to high handicappers.
PLSGolfer, So. Fla.

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