Adams Idea Pro Gold Irons

Adams Idea Pro Gold Irons Adams Golf have built a solid reputation for themselves with their user-friendly golf clubs, especially their hybrids. What may be a less known fact is Adams also make equipment for the lower handicap players.

The Adams Idea Pro Gold Iron Set is made up of forged cavity backs for the 5 till pitching wedge (PW) as well as 3 and 4 hybrid clubs, which should not come as a big surprise given Adams' excellent line of hybrids clubs. The thinking behind the inclusion of hybrids in a players' set is that even the best players in the world could use some help in their game sometimes, so why not provide that help (in hybrid form) from the get-go? However, Adams do provide the option of purchasing the Idea Pro Gold set without the hybrids, but after my own pleasant experience with Adams' hybrids, I would have to suggest that you try out the hybrids first before deciding - you might be pleasantly surprised.

Having just recently reviewed the game improvement irons set (A4 Tech) from Adams and loving them, I was really looking forward to testing this players' set. Looks-wise, the Idea Pro Gold 3 and 4 hybrids are the same good-lookers from the Idea Pro Gold hybrid line while the 5 to PW irons come in a premium mirror-chrome plating. The stock Project X Steel shafts for both irons and hybrids are excellent, with our test clubs being regular flex.

Adams Idea Pro Gold Irons The Idea Pro Gold irons look extremely clean from address, with the thin top-line and blade like head size. Lining up to hit the ball in the fairway, they frame the ball nicely with a tall and somewhat square toe.

I was able to shape my shots as needed, fades, draws, knockdowns, cuts, high, low, throw. Feedback was instantaneous. When I made great contact the feeling was so soft and pure, almost like you were hitting cotton balls instead of golf balls. The kind of stroke that makes you admire the ball into the green with the club still extended over your shoulder. On mis-hits though, you will get a soft reminder. The milled face with larger grooves than the previous Idea Pro irons, allows the more accomplished player to add spin for more bite on the greens.

These clubs are for the above average player who wants clubs that he can start with and keep while his game improves.

Adams may have hit the jackpot on this Adams Idea Pro Gold Iron Set. With the excellent combination of hybrids and forged irons in the set, great stock shafts and overall balance between each clubs, the Adams Golf Idea Pro Gold will be ideal for both the mid-handicapper looking to improve his shot-making without sacrificing forgiveness, and also the low-handicapper wanting a more accurate and workable irons set. Highly recommended.

Product details are here: Adams Idea Pro Gold Irons

Player's feedback and comments

These irons have a great feel and look to them. The look was what originally cought my eye. A nice sleek forged design that at address you wouldn't even notice that they have a cavity back. I was skeptical at first of trying these. I really didn't think that i was ready for a forged set of irons. After talking to my instructor though he said he thought they would be a good fit. He gave me a couple to take to the range and try and i love them, they are very workable and pretty forgiving especially for being a forged club. Definately a great buy for somebody lookin to transtion from an entry to mid-level club up to a more high end workable club to advance their game even further.
John Wukie, Denver, CO

I ordered this set with only the 5-PW. I had no need for the hybrids, however I did demo them and they were really nice. The irons are without a doubt the most beautiful set out right now. They set up beautifully to the ball. They have a very thin topline that just screams confidence when stepping up to hit your shot. These are just as long as any, and even your misses still fly long and straight. These irons are great for lower handicappers who are looking for the control, and feel in their game. I have played numerous clubs, (MP-32, MP-60, TP R7) and these clubs are better than all of those. In my opinion, even softer than the Mizunos. Adams really got the job done with these beauties and you have to try them. While you're at it, hit the new A4 Insight tech Driver. It's listed as Idea Tech on this site though. No one knows why. Make sure you get fitted correctly for the shafts, the Rifles play a bit stiffer then Dynamic Gold's. I swing my irons around 90-100 MPH and I went with the 5.5's. Don't get suckered into the 6.0's if you can't handle them. So, give them a shot. I'm sure you will be impressed. Adam's is here to play with the big boys. Don't be fooled into thinking that Adams is only for the older crowd.
Greg M., Dallas, Texas

I was leaning towards the AP2's and then i saw the Pro Gold Irons the pro told me he played them and loved them. I hit a few balls but I was a little nervous they might be to aggressive for me. I really wanted to start lowering my scores so i thought these irons might be just what i need to get to the next level within my game. At first they were tough I was a 13 handicap but with a little time things started to really come around. Its been 6 weeks and I went from a 13 to an 11. And for my last four rounds i shot 80 each time for me its the consistency I like these iron are unbelievable. Its been great Im an 11 playing like a 8 and winning a lot of $ . I cant say any more just buy them and take your time you will be happy you did.

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