Adams Golf A4 Tech Irons

Adams Golf A4 Tech Irons The Adams Golf A4 Tech Iron Set features a 3 and 4 hybrid club instead of conventional irons, which may not be surprising since Adams Golf are generally acknowledged to be among the best makers of hybrid clubs. The rest of the set is comprised of the 5 iron to the 9 iron and the PW. I was informed those buying the set can choose to forego the hybrids if they wish and get the normal 3 and 4 irons. I should note here that the 5 to 9 irons are forged irons, made from soft 8620 carbon steel.

The 3 and 4 hybrids utilise Adams' Boxer Technology for increased Moment of Inertia (MOI) while the irons boast the lowest Center of Gravity (CG) in its class and high MOI. Various other Adams innovations and technology are built into the set in addition to various high quality standard shaft options to offer the user a forgiving, powerful yet accurate set.

Looking at the A4s, I was rather under-whelmed by the simple, classic design and monotonous styling. Regular readers of my reviews will know that I am not really a friend of loud colours, lines, decals or other fuss on my irons. The Adams Golf A4 Tech Irons are a relief for those who prefer their equipment be more under-stated than what is more and more being offered in the market right now.

Looking down at them from address you appreciate even more what the design team at Adams have done. The thinner topline promotes familiarity yet still offers confidence to the higher handicapped users. They have plenty of forgiveness yet let you know when you have hit one flush. Distance is above average compared to other similar clubs I have tested. Ball flight is on the high side but not balloon-like and seems to have plenty of carry. There were times I thought I hit the ball too high and had lost distance but they end up going further then I had thought.

Having now played a few good rounds with the Adams A4 Irons I would have to say that these clubs are very good. I played my usual course with only these irons and the hybrids and at the end, I can only repeat that the Adams Golf A4 Tech Irons are amazing. They go right where I aim them and are very long. When I mis-hit them, which I do a few times a round, they give me that nice bit of forgiveness which keeps the ball at least in the vicinity of the green. The solidity and forgiveness of these clubs is allowing me to try and make some shots that I probably would not have tried with clubs I have yet to familiarise myself fully with.

All in all, a very solid set of super game improvement clubs combining hybrids and cavity back irons, a good choice for mid to high handicappers.

Product details are here: Adams Golf A4 Tech Irons

Player's feedback and comments

What a great feel off the irons. Ihave been a Taylor Made loyal customer for years, but decided to research others. These forged irons feel pure when struck well, like a hot knife through butter, however I feel the hybrids are overrated concernig distance, I'd rate them average.
Watch out Ping, Callaway etc., Adams is on the move, and it's not backwards.
H Ammer, Fresno, Ca.

I was considering this iron set along with the burners and x-22 tour irons but as soon as i hit these i knew they were what i wanted. The combination of the forged heads with the stabilizing bar in the back gives it the right amount of forgiveness and workability. I wasn't sure if i would want the 3 and 4 hybrids and the boxer look did take some getting used to but once you do these hybrids absolutely go. If one didn't want the hybrids you could customize it with the irons. Trust me for the the advanced/ intermediate player looking to improve their game it is the right iron for you.
dubz, New York, NY

Dad wanted my Mizuno Mx-900s so I went iron surfing. Ended up purchasing the A4s, and wow! I have already heard people saying, Switched from mizuno900s to Adams? Well the Adams are BETTER! Gained a club length, same forged feeling, slightly lower trajectory(What I wanted, I hit the ball high without any help). And these are much better looking. Hybrids in this set are no joke, and not afraid to use any of these clubs.
I also never thought I would buy Adams, but after researching, the adams were what I was looking for and the DGsl shaft is great.
Going from Mizuno Mx-900s to A4s and liking/hitting them better says something. Don't be scared to check these out, forgiving, forged, and the irons aren't bulky at all.

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