Titleist 909H Hybrid

Titleist 909H Hybrid If golf clubs could win beauty competitions, the Titleist 909H Hybrid would walk away with top prize hands-down, it is that good-looking! However, since golf clubs are not judged solely on their looks (and rightly so!), I will try to tear my admiring eyes away from it for a while and perform the usual performance-based assessment.

Reputation-wise, the 909 range is finding their way into a lot of pro-golfers' bags with the 909 hybrid getting special mention, so when fans tell you these clubs have been Tour-tested, they were serious!

I tested the 19° model with the Voodoo shaft, and this club is also available in 15°, 17°, 21° and 24° lofts and the Diamana Blue shaft (the 15° loft version is a custom-order option from Titleist).

The 909H brochure states that they "are a "flow" family of hybrids in which the shape, offset and CG (Center of Gravity) locations progress through the lofts to provide optimal ball flight, spin and trajectory control". Basically, this means the profile and offset of each club differ according to loft in order to deliver optimum launch and spin through the lofts. Consequently this should help to better match them to your existing iron or fairway clubs, giving you a better suited equipment for the task.

Visually, the club head seems larger, wider and squarer than previous offerings. This should assist in confidence-building and outright shot-making immensely. Its modern profile and factory installed SureFit Swingweight Screw provides a deep Center of Gravity giving greater stability. The clubface looks great in the setup position, sitting nice and square.

Off the tee, off the fairway or out of the rough, the 909H effortlessly launches the ball hot off the face with a decent flight and length. I tried every undesirable lie possible and hit as many different shots as I could, yet I could not make myself hit a deliberate bad shot. Off-center hits still came out good, with a mid level, penetrating and straight flight, though predictably shorter. The club head however will transmit any non-sweetspot hits to you but that is a small price for the resulting forgiveness.

Overall, the 909H is a very solid club, offering good control and distance. It is a noticeable improvement over its predecessor the 585H which had itself set a very high bar for other hybrids to follow. Now if only I can train myself to hit the Titleist 909H Hybrid without scuffing its lovely face.

Product details are here: Titleist 909H Hybrid

Player's feedback and comments

If you're having trouble with your long irons look no further. I purchased the 19 degree (2 iron equivalent) a month ago and love it. Everything from the look, feel, and outcome is perfect. People are afraid of the snap hook phenomenon with hybrids but I don't see the problem at all with this club. The club is easy to control with ideal trajectory. The price is a little steep but you will not be disappointed.
Graham, San Jose, Ca

Recently bought the 909 D2 driver and really liked it. Decided to get the 909H to replace my 5 wood. Very good looking club. From heel to toe, club is a bit longer than most, much like an iron. Surely a confidence-inspiring look and sparkling black finish on the head is certainly a plus. Extremely versatile club that does what it's supposed to. Goes the correct distance, consistently, and has an excellent, high ball flight. Feel at impact is not "explosive", but very solid, somewhere between a wood and a forged iron. Very impressive club and highly recommended.
ErnieEls, Long Island, New York

This hybrid not only looks great but at the same time feels awesome. The ball when hit solid explodes of the club face. This is my first ever quality club in the bag. I've been searching and analyzing all makes of hybrids and this by far is the real deal! Thanks Titliest!

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