Ping G10 Hybrid

Ping G10 Hybrid For a hybrid, the 17-4 stainless steel Ping G10 Hybrid sports a fairly classic head shape that is a wee bit shallow and slightly longer to get the ball up faster and higher. The low, deep head of the G10 Hybrid displays the same half moon alignment on the crown as those on the head of the G5 hybrids giving golfers confidence when behind the ball.

Engineered with a thin, sloped crown complete with internal weight pads in the sole that runs parallel to the ground optimizes CG location and help increase the MOI for better launch conditions. When discretionary weight from the crown and face is repositioned to push CG farther back and deeper, spin is reduced and a better trajectory is achieved. The innovative sole design is tapered and bounce-height is increased for versatility in the higher lofted hybrids to ensure excellent performance from all types of lies.

Crafted with a variable face thickness design that is plasma-welded, consistent hits and superb ball speeds are expected off its face, all across the hitting area. Ten radial ribs sitting within the crown provide the most solid-feeling sound from this club when the ball flies off its face.

Since hybrids are all about control, the Ping G10 Hybrid comes with shafts that are a tad shorter and heavier; available with the TFC 129H shaft, Grafalloy ProLaunch Red and the UST V2 High Launch.

Working the ball has never been easier with the Ping G10 Hybrid; excellent as driving irons as well as a replacement for anything up to a five iron. It deserves its Gold Award from Golf Digest.

Product details are here: Ping G10 Hybrid
See a video by Ping Golf's Senior Design Engineer Marty Jerson on new Ping G10 Hybrid (video is about 2 minutes and 13 seconds long):

Player's feedback and comments

This is the most forgiving hybrid on the market! I hit it off of the toe and it worked itself in to the general direction and same with the heel. It has the distance of a fairway wood, as forgiving as the Nike Sumo 5900 driver, and as playable as a hybrid (which it is). I don't think anything will ever beat it.

This Hybrid is very long, I have the 21 degree and hit it 215 of the tee. I like the length of the shaft on this hybrid, before this one I had a taylormade burner who's shaft was way to long for a hybrid. This club is great to use on a hole that you need to hit the fairway. It has a nice mid trajectory.
Aaron Scott

Ordered the 18 degree G10 Hybrid with Graffaloy Prolaunch Red Shaft and just received it today. Couldn't wait to take it to the range as I made my purchase based on the reviews and the fact I have the G10 Driver. I could not believe how easy and how straight this club is. Incredible! Ball explodes off the face. Seriously considering swapping out my 3 wood for G10 3 Wood. Totally satisfied with my purchase and cannot wait to take it to the course.

H. B.

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