Nickent MRH 4DX Ironwood

Nickent MRH 4DX Ironwood The Nickent MRH 4DX Ironwood are meant as long iron replacements for the many golfers who have trouble hitting their 5, 4, 3 or 2 irons consistently. They evolved from the hugely popular DX3 Ironwoods that were played by quite a number of professional players and were part of Golf Digests 'Hot List' for 2008. Touted as one of the 'most technologically advanced hybrid ever designed' the 4DX are the first hybrids to use the patented 'brazing technology' to fuse the best club building materials in order to give the golfer optimum distance control and trajectory. This new technology allows for the super thin 0.4 mm Titanium crown to be fused with a stainless steel body without the use of any epoxy glue, making the crown the thinnest ever made on a club head. It weighs only about a quarter compared to a steel crown and thus significantly raising the MOI ('moment of inertia' or resistance to twisting of the club head upon impact with the golf ball) for increased forgiveness.

The height of the club face of the 4DX is 2mm more than the preceding 3DX models, producing in a slightly larger sweet spot. Compared to the 3DX model the new 4DX put less spin on the ball which results in a lower trajectory ball fligh, a good thing especially on windy days. In addition the Nickent 4DX does not have as much bulge on the club face so miss hits are less damaging.

Nickent MRH 4DX Ironwood Another important technology used in this Nickent product are the Tungsten Polymer XW Inserts, the alternative to weight screws used by other manufacturers. These inserts provide variable discretionary weight depending on your swing style; they can be adjusted in 2-gram increments. The Tungsten Polymer XW Inserts reduce vibrations and give easy directional control and swing weight adjustments without the need for tools.

The 4DX are shipped with a UST Proforce V2 graphite shaft. They produce a flatter, more penetrating ball flight. The firm tip produces a medium launch condition and increased ball speed. Unlike most graphite shafts which are glossy the V2s have a slightly rough, almost dull look to them.

The Nickent MRH 4DX Ironwood is an excellent long iron replacement club, giving enough spin to help you launch it further with better accuracy and distance. Even slightly off center strikes fly pretty much in line due to a forgiving club face and high MOI. They are available in a variety of lofts, the most popular being:

  • 17 degrees - replaces 2 iron
  • 20 degrees - replaces 3 iron
  • 23 degrees - replaces 4 iron
  • 26 degrees - replaces 5 iron
The Nickent MRH 4DX Ironwoods are great clubs for most lies you'll encounter, being it the rough, the short grass or even the fairway bunker. If you have trouble hitting your long irons consistently you should give these hybrids a very close look.

Product details are here: Nickent MRH 4DX Ironwood

Player's feedback and comments

bought the 20 degree about 6 months ago to replace 19 degree rescue mid. big improvement over the taylor made. like it so much that i just got the 15.5 degree and the 23 degree to replace my 3 wood and 4 iron. i may give up a few yards from the 3 wood, but i'll take the big improvements in consistency & forgiveness.

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