Nickent 3DX RC Hybrid/Ironwood

Nickent 3DX RC Hybrid/Ironwood From the makers of one of the hottest hybrids in the market comes the straightest and most forgiving hybrid they ever created. The Nickent 3DX RC Hybrid/Ironwood was designed with a thinner face to produce an extremely high COR.

The Rebound Core (RC) hybrid was developed to promote easy-to-hit, high-launching shots. Utilizing the XW Tungsten-polymer weight inserts, weight is pushed to the farthest perimeters of the club head, to the extreme heel and toe, for maximum forgiveness. Forty grams of weight are moved deeper and lower within the club head using two tungsten-polymer fused inserts, thus adjusting the CG to eliminate the "pull hooks" as produced by some other leading hybrids. These inserts help dampen vibration and stabilize the club head for optimal weight distribution, effectively increasing the MOI by 25% as compared with the original 3DX Ironwood.

The classic design of the Nickent 3DX RC Hybrid/Ironwood is definitely pleasing to the eyes while the entire system lets you have control over optimum distance and trajectory. This hybrid performs all over the course without any complains of distance gaps and confusion on what it actually replaces.

Product details are here: Nickent 3DX RC Hybrid/Ironwood

Player's feedback and comments

I thought hybrid were "hype rids" until I tried this out. I have dumped my 5 wood for a 21 degree 3DX. Same loft as a 3 iron, but with a longer shaft. The ball gets up quickly and lands very softly with minimal roll. It is as workable as an iron, but much easier to hit.
Sharpstown Riley, Houston, TX

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