Mizuno MX-700 Hybrid

Mizuno MX-700 Hybrid I have always been an ardent fan of Mizuno golf clubs. Besides their customary emphasis on performance, quality and value, there is just something when I play with their clubs that inspire more confidence in me. Maybe it's their forgiving nature which permits even the occasional off-center shots to fly straight and carry good distance.

I almost didn't recognize this Mizuno MX-700 Hybrid as a Mizuno; they have eschewed their famous blue shafts for a striking yet stylish black and gold finish for the new MX-700 line and they look really good. I caught a lot of admiring glances and comments from fellow golfers when using the MX-700 clubs.

Tech-wise, the MX-700 line incorporates its "Hot Metal" Face Technology, which is basically a rolled Ti9 plasma-welded face that promises massive ball speed across the clubface, creating consistently long drives. Another innovation is the distinctive "Drop Down Crown" design that works by shifting weight lower, lowering its Center of Gravity (CG) and promotes better shot-consistency from any lie. The stretched-back club head is nice and big, much bigger than found on their previous hybrid models, and helps impart a good spin.

It was time to head down to the range for a proper test. Available in 5 lofts from 17° to 29°, I tested the 20° version. The club feels good in the hands, not too heavy and not too light. Even before my first swing, I was glad to note that another trait Mizuno clubs are noted for is still present; that the club-face sits perfectly square to the ball at address. For me, it helps remove some of the work needed to make the ball go straight at impact.

On impact, the sound it makes is very easy on the ears, with a good solid crack, while the hands benefit from the cushioned feel. Feedback is not the best but that is expected from a hybrid.

Shot-wise, the ball shoots up and forward with loads of lift, a good carry and distance, even with a medium club-head speed. I would attribute this to the big stretched-back head which really helps to launch and push the ball up in the air. It is quite incredible how easy it is to get the ball up in the air, from whatever part of the green I was on. I can see a lot of people who have trouble with their 3 or 4 irons switching with ease to this hybrid and getting better scores.

All in all, the Mizuno MX-700 Hybrid easily lives up to expectations. The technology incorporated into the club does help make this club a good option for those looking to add more distance and accuracy without sacrificing forgiveness. A recommended buy.

Product details are here: Mizuno MX-700 Hybrid

Player's feedback and comments

This is the best hybrid I have ever used. It will launch the ball out of the rough no matter how deep it is laying. I was amazed at the distance this club gets out of tough spots. I get more distance and acuracy with this club out of the rough then most of my irons on the fairway.
Harry T.

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