Callaway 08 FT Hybrid

Callaway 08 FT Hybrid Callaway's Fusion Technology takes center-stage in this club, aptly named Callaway FT Hybrid. Fusion Technology is the company's state-of-the-art construction method combining a stainless steel face and body with a tungsten-loaded sole plate, which allows their engineers to strategically place the Center of Gravity (CG) for optimal ball flight trajectory and shot-shaping control, and increase the Moment of Inertia (MOI) for superior forgiveness. Combine that with their innovative OptiFit Weighting System that enables golfers to custom-order a club specific to their swing, specifically between Draw, Neutral and Fade. The difference between these models is the location of the CG, face angles and shaft stiffness, in order to provide golfers maximum workability. Choose the Draw to promote a draw or reduce a slice; Neutral for maximum workability; or Fade to promote a fade or reduce a hook. (A quick peek at Callaway's website however reveals that there is no option for the Fade configuration available for hybrids).

The tungsten-infused sole is designed with a lower leading edge, making the sweet spot more accessible for various skill levels, while the dual runner design ensures cleaner turf interaction for more flushed shots. Finally, being a Callaway, construction is top notch.

Callaway 08 FT Hybrid At address, this driver is all business. The smaller head sets up nice and perfectly square behind the ball. The careful combination of light shaft and heavy clubhead help to easily put the club in motion with a smooth swing. Audio feedback when struck was good - loud but not offensive. The feel was comparatively meaty on almost every shot no matter where on the face the ball was struck. This can either be a good or bad thing, depending on whether the player requires more feedback at impact or not.

The ball comes off the face hot and gets up quick, for a high and penetrating flight. Smooth swings equal perfect height and carry. Straight off a tee, easy flight off the ground, straight from the rough, this club does it all. Since I was testing the Draw version, I tried imparting a fade, and the club turned it into a perfectly straight ball right down the middle of the fairway. This club makes it very easy to work the ball. Shot-consistency is a cinch and I also picked up about 10+ more yards per shot.

Regardless whether you have a swing that needs a bit of help correcting or not, the Callaway FT is a terrific club to have in your arsenal.

Product details are here: Callaway 08 FT Hybrid

Player's feedback and comments

Hybrids have improved over the years and this continues that evolvement. A nice club for a middle handicapper like myself, striving to become a lower one. Club is easy to hit from tee to green. Ball flight is more penetrating than ballooning which I like. Club doesn't promote hooks or pulls as some of the more beginner hybrids do and are easier to hit than the Player oriented models (Cobra Pro & Taylor Made TP) with heavier shafts. Only pet peeve may be in the factory shaft. I upgraded mine to the Fuji E380 HB Stiff and have found this to be a nicer pairing with the club than the factory which was a little whippy for my liking. Overall a great club.

I should have had this club long ago. Effortless high-trajectory shots that stay on line. I bought this club because others liked it and they were right.

I've never been completely comfortable with my 3 iron so I've been using a hybrid for years. This is by far the most underrated hybrid out there. I only tried it because I owned the last gen fusion hybrid. The setup at address is perfect. I can set up for tee shots, fairway approaches, and shots from the rough with confidence. The sole really allows the head to resist getting hung up in the rough.
Feedback from impact is reassuring. There is a nice rewarding 'thwack' when you hit a pure shot. Off center hits still get out there sans the cool sound. The Fujikura shaft may not seem like the best offering but it works well with this set up.
Ball flight is fairly lower than I expected. Also, you can really work this club at will. I went with the neutral model since the draw model turned my slight draw into a borderline hook.
The only drawback is the price. Do yourself a favor and get a used model. Usually they can be had for a fraction of the new price.
Ben Striker, San Diego, CA

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