Adams Idea Tech a4OS Hybrid

Adams Idea Tech a4OS Hybrid What do you get when you marry the best qualities of a traditional hybrid with the best qualities of a traditional fairway wood? The highly innovative Adams Idea Tech a4OS Hybrid, that's what!

Featuring a sleek square head, the ultra-lightweight magnesium crown is 75% lighter than stainless steel which efficiently repositions weight lower and deeper for better, more penetrating launch conditions. Combined with a pull-back construction of a maraging-steel face that demonstrates supreme strength and toughness without compromising malleability, the results are nothing short of an excellent ball flight and superfluous yardage.

The Adams Idea Tech a4OS Hybrid is designed with Adams Golf's patented Boxer Technology that effectively increases ball speed and amplify MOI to 3,400 for that straighter, longer and more powerful shot. It also offers an adjustable heel-toe tungsten sole weight to help manipulate and optimize launch angles. Crafted with an offset hosel, this extraordinarily forgiving hybrid-fairway wood is designed to reduce slice and sends the ball flying down the middle of the fairway obediently.

Fitted with the premium graphite tour AD YSQ-HL shaft, the very versatile Adams Idea Tech a4OS Hybrid hits the ball longer than any hybrid on the market. It is no wonder that it received a Gold Award in Golf Digest's 2009 Hotlist.

Product details are here: Adams Idea Tech a4OS Hybrid

Player's feedback and comments

This club really surprised me in a very pleasant way. I'm very, very picky about which clubs will stay in my bag, and consistency is what builds confidence with each club in every player's bag.
This club won me over with the very first swing.
Here's what I like about this club: It is loaded with MOI technology that adds the weight to the rear of the club's head. This keeps the club head stable through the ball strike - which then launches the ball high, straight, and long.
You don't have to over swing the club to launch the ball straight and far. If you've struggled with a long iron - and continued to yank it left or push it right - then you know what I'm talking about. This hybrid from Adams golf really makes long par threes no problem for me, now.
StewznNC, North Carolina

I like the fact that the club doesn't have the overkill of left to right draw bias that is built into so many hybrid clubs. The club only has very slight offset, and sort of sets up to the ball like a fairway wood which I like. The model that I have has a stock, stiff, graphite design shaft which I've never used before - but seems to work just fine for my swing.
Carl W., Florida

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