Adams Idea Pro Gold Hybrid

Adams Idea Pro Gold Hybrid Adams golf clubs are very highly rated on the various professional tours, although they are better known for their game improvement irons - recently their Pro Idea Hybrids have been the most-played hybrid irons on the 2008 PGA, Champions and Nationwide Tours. Now the designers and engineers at Adams, after extensive discussions with some of the world's best golfers and after various tweaks, tests and prototyping, have come up with the Idea Pro Gold Hybrid.

This new hybrid employs their distinctive "Boxer Technology" which uses a geometrically-advanced shaped clubhead that, according to Adams promises, can create a higher MOI (Moment of Inertia) and 5% more forgiveness on off-center hits. Visually, I must say it is a love-it-or-hate-it shape, square-ish as opposed to the more rounded, sleeker-looking clubheads of competitors. The club also features an improved maraging steel face that is supposed to add a 10% hotter ball flight compared to the Idea Pro and an enhanced weighting system. The clubheads are available in 16°, 18°, 20°, 23° and 26° lofts, and the stock shaft is the tour-proven Matrix Ozik, although Adams offers a variety of other quality shafts to customise to one that fits your swing best.

The club I tested was the 20° model with the stock shaft. A few practice swings reveal the club is nicely balanced. The clubhead (being squarer than most) at address still looks odd, but that is a personal view. More importantly, the clubface sits square with the ball so provided your swing does not deviate too much from the swing plane during downswing, on impact the clubface and ball should make good contact.

Adams Idea Pro Gold Hybrid Off the tee, ball flight is long and consistent. The sweetspot is easy to find while shots off the sweetspot, although felt, still travel in the direction wanted but distance suffers. Accuracy-wise, I found I could hit the ball to generally the same spot in 8 out of 10 tries. Even though this club launches the ball pretty high (as almost all hybrids), in the right hands the Adams Idea Pro Gold Hybrid can hit low shots, draws, fades and any particular shot you might need to pull off on the course.

I liked the Idea Pro Gold's versatility so much that this 20° has now replaced my 4 iron and with a little more practice, I hope to eventually retire the 5 iron as well.

All in all, the Adams Idea Pro Gold Hybrid is a worthy successor to the Tour's 2008 favourite, the Idea Pro.

Product details are here: Adams Idea Pro Gold Hybrid

Player's feedback and comments

For those of you out there looking for a players hybrid that is workable, then look no further than the Adams Idea Pro Gold. Sure you are saying that a square hybrid can't possibly be a players hybrid but think again. I purchased the 20 degree two weeks ago to replace my Taylormade rescue mid tour preferred and the difference is night and day. This hybrid has the best feel, sound, and shot shape of any hybrid out there. This hybrid produces a long iron like launch that can be controlled so it can be hit high or low depending on wind conditions. It feels like butter when struck and has a clean crisp sound. You also can control whether you hit a draw or a fade with this club with ease. I recently had 215 yards into the green with a ball buried in about 5 inches of rough and was able to get the ball to the green and two putt for par for a great save. Now try hitting that shot with your normal 3-iron and see if you can pull it off if your not a PGA pro. I would definately take this hybrid into consideration especially with its new low price and awesome matrix ozik shaft! Take dead aim!!
golfdude76, Tampa, FL

This hybrid is very workable and gives great distance. Reasonably priced for such a high performance club. Very good value.
ScottyG, San Antonio, TX

This club is as solid as any other hybrid I've hit. I tried a Nickent, Nike, Mizuno, Bridgestone, you name it, but none of them compare to this hybrid. Not a hard club to hit, and very forgiving. Bottom line, for this price, how could you not buy it?

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