2009 Cobra Baffler TWS Hybrid

2009 Cobra Baffler TWS Hybrid Tweaked to perfection, the new 2009 Cobra Baffler TWS Hybrid is a remarkable revamp of its already popular predecessors. This predominantly silver club is said to not only look sleeker and cooler but speaks volume of its performance too.

Crafted with three internal weight pads, the Cobra Baffler TWS Hybrid promises an extremely low and deep CG and increased MOI for ultra-penetrating ball flights. The Triple Weighting System, or TWS, offers immense stability and optimal balance to produce maximum forgiveness and ultimate performance on every shot, even miss-hits.

The no-rails modernized Baffler sole efficiently diminishes drag against the turf to allow you brusque shots to conquer any type of lies on the course.

The Cobra Baffler TWS Hybrid also has a huge, laser-welded 275 maraging-steel face that ensures great forgiveness and consistency all across the face. It gives the club a solid feel and heartening confidence to any golfer. The classic Cobra yellow at the fringe of the club head gives a touch of character to the Baffler TWS that you have no doubts great shots will come off it.

Fitted with a regular graphite stiff shaft, the 2009 Cobra Baffler TWS Hybrid gets the ball airborne easily, launches it high, sends it straight down the middle of the fairway and reacts kindly on miss hits; and it is even friendly on the wallet. The Cobra Baffler TWS is definitely a fantastic, new hybrid that delivers exceptional performance for the average golfer while the 'Pro' version is available for low handicappers.

Product details are here: 2009 Cobra Baffler TWS Hybrid

Player's feedback and comments

Outstanding club, excellent buy for the price! Balls come off the face hot, but land on the green soft. Can be played high or low, easy to work for fades and draws. One of the most reliable clubs in my bag!
Shankapotamous, California

I had lost confidence in my 5 iron and replaced it with the 5 hybrid (I already had a previous version of the 2 and 4). Best move I've ever made. This club is easy to hit from all reasonable lies, and even some not so reasonable ones. Good solid feel, good distance, and somewhat workable. Definitely recommend any of the versitile TWS hybrids to replace the not so versitile long irons.
Snuffy95, Aurora, CO

I can hit my long irons pretty well, but was having some issues in yardages. Purchased club 21 degree with graphite stiff shaft in 2009 although 2008 model. Replaced my 2, 3 iron and 5 wood with this one club. Ball takes off the face well and flies and lands softly. If a hard swinger you have to smooth it out to get max performance from the club otherwise you end up pushing it right.. Great deal on club pricewise and not too much different than 2009 model except one weight placement. Would recomend to anybody to try will definitely shave some strokes off.

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