2008 TaylorMade Burner Rescue Hybrid

TaylorMade Burner Rescue Hybrid Golfers with average swing velocity can now launch sky-high, long-carrying shots with the assistance of the new TaylorMade Burner Rescue Hybrid which is available in two versions. The High-Launch model which is designed to deliver exactly as described earlier while the Tour version is targeted for low handicappers with higher swing speeds to help produce ultra-penetrating ball flights.

Featuring the Dual Crown Technology, both versions sport a crown that is smaller than the sole which lowers the CG for easy-to-launch balls that go higher with less spin to keep the ball airborne for more carry and increased yardage.

Boasting the Ultra-Thin Wall Technology, the very thin club head walls measures at a mere 0.55 mm, allowing saved weight to be redistributed to push CG extra-low and extra-deep; delivering solid launches smoothly and easily.

Crafted with a fast-looking triangular shaped club head, the 2008 Burner Rescue touts a higher MOI for extreme forgiveness on miss hits. This larger front to back club head should provide better confidence when addressing the ball. Engineered with a slight fade bias, the golfer can look forward to more encouraging distance-enhancing draw while side-stepping slices.

To generate more swing speed that translates to increased distance, the TaylorMade Burner Rescue Hybrid utilizes TaylorMade's SuperFast technology to achieve that. While the High Launch is fitted with a super-light SuperFast 49-gram graphite shaft and the Tour version comes specially cast in a 70-gram graphite shaft. Coupled with Arrow 2 ultra lightweight 47-gram grip, the Burner Rescue 2008 should nicely provide unbelievable swing speeds for additional distance and improved playability.

Note: This Club received a Golf award in the 2009 Golf Digest Hotlist.

Available in numbers 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, with 3, 4 and 5 available in LH.

Product details are here: TaylorMade Burner Rescue Hybrid

Player's feedback and comments

I bought this club a few months ago replacing my 3 iron. I could hit a 3 iron but I couldnt rely on it, I would shank it or I would not got enough distance. I bought this club and I was impressed the first time I used. It is amazing off the fairway or from the rough. The only con I found with it is you accidentaly turn your hands over you will hit a draw. If u hit it right the club makes a nice "ping" sound. If you are going to purchase this club look at the degree of loft because the 3/ 19 degree is like a 2 iron and the 4 hybrid is like a 3 iron. I would highly reccomend this club.
Berd, Houston, TX

I love these clubs! I am an 18 handicap and these are really easy to hit. Solid contact and tough lies are rarely a problem. I carry the 5 and the 2 hybrid and may add another one I like them so much. I have hit some of the best shots I have ever hit with these Burner Rescue clubs.

I got this club free with my purchase of the 09 Burner Driver. Never really hit a hybrid before this one, but it has been great. I tend to hit woods better than irons, and this combo club has helped me tremendously. I hit it in all situations, not just a shank off the tee. It's great in the fairway and rough. And is a great replacement for a 3 iron if you have problems hitting a 3. Nice Club.

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