Nickent 4DX Golf Driver Draw/Tour

Nickent 4DX Golf Driver Draw With state-of-the-art innovation carved into a traditional shape, the awesome looking Nickent 4DX Golf Driver is one of the hottest drivers in the market.

Constructed with a 6/4 titanium body fused with a 15-3-3 0.4 mm hyper thin titanium crown that is thinner yet stronger than cast titanium, weight on the crown is reduce by 20 grams. This allows the 460cc driver to weigh just 180 grams, the lightest draw driver in the market. Being featherweight has its benefits as swing velocity improves significantly besides maximizing distance.

Solid contact high on the sweet spot of the club face is more consistent with the patented A-Frame Face Technology which is utilized for a high COR. Combined with the XW inserts technology, weight is diffused to the extreme heel and toe. Thus, MOI is elevated and the club head is blessed with ultra-forgiveness and super-stability upon impact.

The futuristic 4DX Driver is available in 2 specs - the D-spec (Nickent 4DX Golf Driver Draw) is lop-weighted near the heel to help maneuver the ball flight into a perfect draw while the T-Spec (Nickent 4DX Golf Driver Tour) is built for speed. Engineered for golfers who prefer lower trajectory and maximum workability, the T-Spec will surely stretch your ball flight to the hilt. Tee-off to a great start and see the ball zip away towards your intended target, even on off-center hits.

With the Nickent 4DX Evolver Driver, it's almost like owning your own tour van. Besides putting you in control of your game, you can simply custom-fit your equipment to suit your game for the ultimate performance.

Product details are here: Nickent 4DX Golf Driver Draw

Player's feedback and comments

Every nickent golf club that I have is top of the line and in my opinion out performs the leading brands hands down. The only con is that your friends will see you hit this driver and they will want one too!I have a driver and all of my utility clubs are Nickents. Best clubs I've ever owned. And believe me I've tried all the top brands such as nike, taylormade R7, Calloway and Cleveland ETC.
W. Crosby "wingman", Lewis Center, Ohio

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