Cobra S9-1 F Speed Driver

Cobra S9-1 F Speed Driver Like a King Cobra waiting to strike, the Cobra S9-1 F Speed Driver by Cobra Golf has been reengineered to coil and accomplish a super-lighting 'bite' with not one but nine sweet spots. The extraordinary Hotter 9 Points Technology maximizes the Coefficient of Restitution (COR) by integrating the Milled Dual Rhombus Face Insert to achieve higher velocity consistently across the club face. The result: superb trampoline-like effect that transforms into longer, powerful drives with sure-fire accuracy that every golfer yearns to accomplish.

The Cobra S9-1 features a slightly slimmer face at 1:1 length-to-width ratio, providing an extremely efficient transfer of energy to produce medium-high trajectory ball flight with additional yardage off the tee. Sporting a smaller crown area, this driver weighs almost six grams less compared to last year's model; resulting in a much higher MOI and a hotter face. Crafted with Frequency Tuned internal crown rib geometry, the specific internal weighting pushes CG low and deep in the back of the club head and helps maximizes ball speed, mid-high trajectory and distance while ensuring more anti-twist on off-center shots. Thus, downsizing this all-titanium driver has dramatically benefited performance of higher launch conditions, better distance and impeccable accuracy.

The Cobra S9-1 is fashioned from an amazing multi-material technology consisting of a wide-sole, polymer topline and urethane insert that dampens vibration for a softer feel.

Cobra's unique speed tuning positions discretionary weight to create ultra-low and -deep CG plus a super-high MOI; qualities that promise advancement in your game.

Unlike some that sound like exploding hand grenades, the Cobra S9-1 F Speed Driver produces a sweet, satisfying pitched ping sound.

Product details are here: Cobra S9-1 F Speed Driver

Player's feedback and comments

I have hit Calloway for years moved to Cobra and then to Nike. Took the Cobra Challenge hit all the drivers available and love this driver. It feels well in my hands and looks good over the ball, I have gained at least 15-20 yards on my drives. Who can argue... heck I even gained a draw...
Herman Norm, CA

I tried the 09' Burner and several of the other new generation drivers although I could hit them far. I was always a little off the fairway. This Cobra driver is so easy to hit straight and far there is no comparison on the results column.
There is a slight draw bias so that the confidence inspiring results offer almost anyone the ability to hit the ball as far as their best swing allows.
My average easy driver swing speed is 105mph. The 9.5 degree head and the stock stiff shaft shoot the ball with a slight draw a distance of 265 yds (carry and roll). This club takes out the anxiety of driving from the tee box!
My friends were all amazed at how straight and far I was hitting the ball without ballooning.
Kurt S.

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