Cleveland Launcher Driver

Cleveland Launcher Driver The new Cleveland Launcher Driver has most certainly got many people confused over which club most golfers are drooling over. Cleveland must love the name so much; they've decided to re-introduce the Launcher, but with a totally new and awesome design.

The Launcher driver sports a 17-gram horseshoe-shaped weight pad on the rear perimeter of the sole, resulting in an MOI of over 3,000, the highest of any Launcher wood produced by Cleveland Golf. Coupled with optimal Center of Gravity (CG) for that perfect trajectory, the new Cleveland Launcher is extremely stable and forgiving, especially when permitting miss-hits to fly so much straighter and farther down the middle of the fairway.

Bearing the largest face ever, at more than 11% wider than its predecessors, it feels like its sweet spot is all over the face providing tremendous forgiveness on off-center hits, launching near-perfect shots consistently.

Cleveland Launcher Driver Another fantastic feature that separates the new Cleveland Launcher from its competition is its ultra-thin crown. Utilizing the Thin Crown Technology, the Launcher driver measures a mere half millimeter in thickness and repositions all discretionary weight low and deep to increase CG. The result: the finest launch conditions and utmost yardage.

Fitted with the longer, ultra-light Fujikura Fit-On Flightspeed shafts, the new Cleveland Launcher allows higher swing speeds for a super-penetrating ball flight. Shots are brusque at impact, discharging a low-spin, medium trajectory ball flight that is powerful and confident.

The new Cleveland Launcher Driver achieved a Gold rating in Golf Digest Hotlist in the 2009' Drivers Under $350 category and merited some compliments from Golf Monthly, a prominent UK publication. Cleveland's commitment to keep tradition alive while providing supreme technology and paramount accuracy, forgiveness, feel and yardage has made it an exceptional driver; one you should well consider.

Product details are here: Cleveland Launcher Driver

Player's feedback and comments

This is the longest driver iv ever hit. I like the callaway drivers and i love em but the price tag scared me away. Great for rich high handicapers, and anyone who struggles with finding the fairway. Personally i dont have a problem with that so i like my ft-5. Great club, Scarry price tag.
Tom Holms, FL

I bought this driver to replace my broken FTi. The first 10 drives are for the new alignment. After that, it's always in the middle of the fairway and at least 30 yards longer than my old FTi. I didn't think there would be much change from one club to the other. But there is. Worth every $. I usally play around 90's.

My experience with the FT-i really was forgettable except for the money I wasted, but Callaway has more than corrected its problems when it developed the FT-IQ. Spin is dramatically reduced and with the reduced spin comes much better distance and control in the wind. The marginal performance of the stock shaft in the FT-i and been replaced with exceptional performance in the new stock shaft in the FT-IQ.
It is draw biased and slice prohibitive. Few golfers will be able to work this club, but many golfers will find more fairways than ever before. This is a difference-maker club like few I have ever hit!
T. Bruiser, Chattanooga, TN

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