Callaway FT-iQ Driver

Callaway FT-iQ Driver Accomplished players will attest that longer, straighter ball flights are what they're always aiming to produce; and now they can. With Callaway FT-iQ Driver, golfers can turbo-charge their tee shots for unprecedented accuracy off the tee.

Callaway claims that the FT-iQ driver is the longest, straightest driver their engineers have ever created utilizing the coolest, latest innovations from Formula One racers and Stealth Bombers to fire a smart bomb down the fairway. While some golfers say that the FT-iQ looks more like a torpedo rather than a driver, fans would rather compare it with a Lamborghini and endorse it as the next generation of square drivers.

Following the footsteps of its predecessor, the FT-i driver, the FT-iQ utilizes Callaway's proprietary Fusion Technology to produce the most forgiving and accurate driver with a multi-material construction, to optimize performance. The queer and oddly-attractive head shape dramatically increases the moment of inertia (MOI) and significantly improves the club's ability to resist twisting during miss-hits.

Callaway FT-iQ Driver Its revolutionary 460cc improved Center Inertia Design (CID), invented to push the weight of the club to the perimeters of the club head, manipulates the location of the CG to optimize trajectory and performance with unparalleled distance. Another uber-cool innovation is the Hyperbolic Face Technology, which increases ball speeds across the entire face for optimal distance. Crafted with a slightly open face angle, it produces a much lower, more penetrating ball flight even on off-center shots.

With the Center of Gravity (CG) at half the height of the previous FT-i version, golfers are blessed with a superbly low-spin ball launch. Visible external web weighting strategically positions discretional weight to the heel corners, resulting in fades and slices that are drastically reduced to help golfers hit amazingly straight shots.

Fitted exclusively to the Callaway FT-iQ Drivers is the avant-garde FUBUKI™ shaft by Mitsubishi Rayon. This remarkably futuristic shaft features the revolutionary Modulus Differential Technology (MDT) that merges ultramodern, high modulus carbon fiber with exclusive pitch-based fibers in the vicinity of the tip section to generate an ultra-responsive golf shaft that yields consistently straight launch characteristics.

Product details are here: Callaway FT-iQ Driver

Player's feedback and comments

This is the longest driver iv ever hit. I like the callaway drivers and i love em but the price tag scared me away. Great for rich high handicapers, and anyone who struggles with finding the fairway. Personally i dont have a problem with that so i like my ft-5. Great club, Scarry price tag.
Tom Holms, FL

I bought this driver to replace my broken FTi. The first 10 drives are for the new alignment. After that, it's always in the middle of the fairway and at least 30 yards longer than my old FTi. I didn't think there would be much change from one club to the other. But there is. Worth every $. I usally play around 90's.

My experience with the FT-i really was forgettable except for the money I wasted, but Callaway has more than corrected its problems when it developed the FT-IQ. Spin is dramatically reduced and with the reduced spin comes much better distance and control in the wind. The marginal performance of the stock shaft in the FT-i and been replaced with exceptional performance in the new stock shaft in the FT-IQ.
It is draw biased and slice prohibitive. Few golfers will be able to work this club, but many golfers will find more fairways than ever before. This is a difference-maker club like few I have ever hit!
T. Bruiser, Chattanooga, TN

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