Callaway FT-9 Tour Neutral Driver

Callaway FT-9 Tour Neutral Driver Compared to Callaway's previous models, the Callaway FT-9 Tour Neutral Driver sets up exceedingly well and has a slightly longer and deeper club head. It has been created to allow golfers to work the ball easier while getting maximum distance off the tee.

The Callaway FT9 features a carbon composite body and titanium face with Hyberbolic Face Technology that produces a fantastic feel at impact and displays an ultra-hot face with unmatched distance. The multi-material frame, which is 7% longer than the FT5, repositions the Center of Gravity (CG) lower and deeper into the club head to produce higher MOI for a faster, straighter ball flight. The internal X-design on the cup face drastically improves off-center hits, making it extremely forgiving.

Incorporating performance enhancing features like the OptiFit Internal system and the unique external web system, golfers can manipulate the Callaway FT-9 to suit their game by determining the position of CG, thus controlling trajectory and shot shape for superb playability.

Fitted with a Fujikura ZCom Six shaft which is unbelievably slick, smooth and sexy, it has a higher torque record to endorse it as a long yet controllable shaft. As the bend point is higher, expect a slightly lower, more penetrating ball flight.

The Callaway FT9 is a lot quieter and makes it much easier to hit long, straight shots. This driver cleverly blends traditional design with up-to-date innovations to give golfers a magnificent driver with a super-hot feel without sacrificing utter forgiveness and supreme playability. The trampoline effect whereby the ball flies off the face faster with an ideal spin feels extraordinary. It will come to no surprise that the FT9 is one of the best drivers currently available on the market. The Callaway FT-9 Tour Neutral Driver also received a golf award in the 2009 Golf Digest Hot List.

Product details are here: Callaway FT-9 Tour Neutral Driver

Player's feedback and comments

The first thing I noticed was the quality of the club, it doesn't feel cheap like some of the other drivers on the market. You get what you pay for and until you try this driver out you will not understand this! I got fitted for this driver and it has been awesome. I struggle with a hook and having a 1 degree open face gives you a feeling of confidence that few drivers in the market can. That being said if you have a slice or fade this club probably isn't for you, but try it out anyways as some of my friends who have fades seem to hit this club straight. They were simply amazed by its length and accuracy. This club doesn't have a draw bias like the majority of the cheaper clubs do. It really lets you focus on hitting the shot you want. The distance and forgiveness are incredible. I've played Taylor Made Tour Burner TP, Titleist D3, and the Callaway FT-9 Tour was by far my favorite. As another reviewer stated it seems that the sweet spot is a bit high on the face so you have to adjust a bit and tee it up and let it RIP! Give it a try, but make sure you get fitted as you might find some of the stock shafts a bit too stiff for your liking.
Chillster, Arizona

If you havn't had a lot of experience with different drivers, the break down goes like this. For all titanium drivers, go with Titleist, they are the best overall. Realize though that with a titanium driver there is a small sweet spot and less forgiveness. If you want technology and multi-material in a driver, Callaway owns the boat. They have massive R&d budgets and develop the BEST drivers out there. Between the weight, look and feel of this driver you will not be unhappy. The ball speeds and forgiveness you get are incredible. I'm very long off the tee and have always been able to knock it 330 down the middle when I hit it in the middle. With this driver though, I can knock it 315 on a mis-hit, unreal. With titanium drivers I often would be penalized to around 290 on mis-hits. 25 yards is HUGE in this game if you don't know already. I recommend getting a stiff tip shaft on the heavier side if your swing can afford it. I use a proforce V2 85 at 45.5 inches.
Brett, Walnut Creek, CA

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