Callaway FT-5 Neutral Driver

Cobra S9-1 F Speed Driver The new Callaway FT-5 Neutral Driver exploits the latest club head innovation, the cutting-edge Fusion Technology, to lower the Center of Gravity (CG) for optimal trajectory by spreading weight to the areas where it is needed most in a club head using multi-material construction. Combined with the OptiFit Weighting System, golfers are able to customize their drivers with three CG configurations to suit their individual games; Draw for an improved draw or to lessen a slice/fade, Neutral for optimal workability and Fade for reducing a hook/draw or to encourage fade.

Brazing a titanium cup-face with VFT (Variable Face Thickness) technology to a lightweight Carbon Composite Body, the Callaway FT-5 Driver can produce extreme ball speed, distance and forgiveness even on miss-hits. With a 460cc head volume, the Callaway FT-5 Driver offers golfers more confidence at address with its longer, wider and hotter face besides a higher MOI for longer, straighter drives due to better ball velocity. Also, approximately 50 grams of discretionary weight are repositioned to the perimeters of the club head for better stability at impact.

The Callaway FT-5 Driver may look bigger at address but it is less bulbous from the front and back; in fact its more symmetric face area gives it a sleeker profile. However, what's more important than aesthetic looks are the improved performance. Easy-to-control trajectory, ball flight and forgiveness, even on off-center shots, plus the loud and satisfying ping sound made by solid impact make this club a must-have in your golf bag.

Product details are here: Callaway FT-5 Neutral Driver

Player's feedback and comments

I've had this driver (FT-5 neutral) for about two months and it is absolutely magnificent, both in terms of distance and accuracy. The driver is as easy as a 3-wood to hit, accurate draws and fades are now not a problem. No, I don't work for Callaway:-)

I switched to this driver from a Cobra F speed a couple of weeks ago. I was a little leery of switching because I hit the Cobra really well. I am definitely happy with the purchase. I am surprised at how far the ball goes with much less effort. The "hot" spot on this club seems to be about a half inch above the center of the face. When I hit it there it doesn't feel like that great of a shot and when I get to my ball, it's about 20 yards farther than normal. This is the straightest driver I have ever hit. I would recommend this to any golfer. High or low handicapper. It is easy to hit and you can still work a draw or fade with it. Excellent product!
Billy, Greenville, Tx

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