Footjoy SPIDR2 Golf Glove

At the time of this writing the Footjoy SPIDR2 Glove is the newest golf glove release by Footjoy. It is touted as 'high tech' product, featuring 'Digita Tac Response (DTR) leather', 'FiberSof material ' and a 'QuikLok closure'. These are a lot of fancy words for a golf glove, so let's look at them (and their claims) in a bit more detail:

Footjoy SPIDR2 Glove Review Digita TacTM Response (DTR) leather is a trademarked term by Footjoy and refers to the gazillion small indentations on the palm side of the glove (see image to the left) which are supposed to "create maximum grip and control in all weather conditions".

As some of you may know I am currently living in the tropics with very hot and humid weather (read: very sweaty hands) and the occasional monsoon shower, so this glove should be perfectly suited for this environment. I am happy to say that it is! The palms of this glove are so tacky that I had a perfect grip even with sweaty palms and/or during rain. Michael Breed in a promotional video (see bottom of this review) compares it to Spiderman's hands, and I guess he is not far off. The palm sticks to the grip even with little grip pressure, and even in bad weather. As we all know, holding the grip too tight results in an open club face during impact with the ball, resulting in the dreadful slice. With this 'Digita TacTM Response (DTR) leather' you don't need to grip so tightly, so it should be easier to properly rotate your arms during the down swing and getting the clubface squared at impact. Hey, this glove can actually help to reduce your slice!

I'm not sure what kind of leather this is, but I don't think it's Cabretta. I have given up playing with Cabretta gloves: as I mentioned above, due to our climate I get really sweaty hands and play often in the rain. Cabretta gets so slippery, I've lost a five iron some time ago as it slipped out of my hands and landed in the middle of a lake. Moreover, once I let the gloves dry they usually shrink to a crumpled mess with no chance of getting my hands into them without major effort. This was not the case with the Footjoy SPIDR2 Glove, they stay as they are. There are also no signs of usage after a few thousand balls on the range and a number of games, besides some dirt on them they look basically like new.

Footjoy SPIDR2 Glove Review The back of the hand is made from FiberSof material (another Footjoy trademark). It feels like leather but is somewhat stretchable. Together with the PowerNet mesh (yet another FJ trademark) it allows for a great fit while still providing comfortable flexibility. In the picture to the right please note the black mesh area at the base of the thumb. This is great as it allows a completely unobstructed movement of the thumb, unlike many other golf gloves. Lastly, the 'Power-Locking Closure' (no, this time it's not a trade mark) is the usual velcro strap attached to a small strip of flexible mesh, so you can tighten your glove without cutting off blood circulation.

Overall the Footjoy SPIDR2 Glove is a great glove, arguably the best one that Footjoy has produced so far. It is comfortable, VERY durable, and the 'Spiderman' palm does exactly what it promises. We think that this glove is suitable of players of all abilities, and is especially recommended if you tend to get sweaty palms and/or play in wet weather. The Footjoy SPIDR2 love is so durable, it will last you a long time. The suggested retail price is US$15, and you can get it at online retailers for US$12.95 (click HERE for details).

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Player's feedback and comments

I like the feel of this glove. The design also helps. It grips as good or better as most other gloves. eaglepar5, Virgin Islands

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